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16 Jan 2014

The 5 Perfectly Good Reasons to Quit Smoking

5 Good Reasons to Quit Smoking

In order to be successful at quitting smoking, your motivations need to be genuine. I will tell you that in my own research, I have found hundreds of websites out there that contain endless lists of excellent reasons to quit smoking. I have read many of these lists. But, a majority of these perfectly good reasons to quit smoking did absolutely nothing for me.


Because they just don't resonate with me.

Your 5 perfectly good reasons to quit smoking should be internal, genuine, and honest.

If there's one thing that I learned from reading all of these "reasons to quit smoking" lists, it's that you must find the 5 perfect reasons that are most important to you. The ones that really hit home.


14 Jan 2014

9 Outstanding Ingredients for a Cancer-Fighting Green Detox Juice (plus recipe!)

Detox and nourish your body with this anti-cancer with green juice

I love this juice recipe.

Not because I think it tastes great (because it doesn't), and not because it looks appetizing (it looks like muddy water). But, because I know that each day that I drink several ounces of this juice, I am investing in my good health and supporting the natural healing abilities of my body by giving it a mega-shot of dense, bio-available nutrients that will never be found on a store shelf.

Now, on to the recipe…


22 Nov 2013

Are Nicotine Replacements (Gum, Patch, E-Cig, Drugs) a Good or Bad Idea?

Are nicotine replacements good?

I've tried patches, I've tried gum, and I've even tried prescription drugs. The problem with nicotine replacements is that I'm still consuming nicotine and continuing to feed that little gremlin in my head who requires only nicotine to survive.

There's a pretty big debate out there on whether or not nicotine replacements are a good or bad idea.

So, why have I decided to use a nicotine replacement, and, which one have I chosen?

After plenty of study and consideration, I've decided that if nicotine replacements are used, they should ONLY be used temporarily, as a short-term transitional tool. And, by short, I mean 1 month, tops.


17 Nov 2013

The Addicted Brain & Dopamine: Is Quitting Just an Act of Will Power?

Addiction: is quitting just an act of will power?

For the past month, I have been reading everything I can get my hands on relating to nicotine, addictions, dopamine, and quitting smoking. In this post, I'm going to talk about some of the important, science-based things I've learned.

I have a word of warning, though, before you continue.

If you are a smoker, you might read some of my statements and immediately become defensive. I became emotionally and mentally defensive the first time I came across this information, so I know what it's like. However, I tried very hard to keep an open mind, put a straight jacket on my cynicism, and continued reading and studying.


17 Nov 2013

Support Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps for Their Contributions Toward Mandatory GMO Labeling, Fair Trade and Organics

Dr. Bronner is a proud supporter of fair trade and organics.

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps’ commitment to healthy and sustainable agriculture, corporate accountability, and consumers’ right to know is part of the company’s mission to put into practice the social and ecological principles that form Dr. Bronner’s philosophy, printed on the company’s iconic soap labels.

In America, we have the right to information about the foods we buy and consume: sodium and fat levels, whether flavors and additives are artificial, whether salmon is wild or farm raised, what country a food comes from. We also have the right to know if food is genetically engineered in making informed decisions about what we eat and feed our families.” ~ David Bronner, President of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps

The company has been a huge proponent in the fight against GMO foods and is pro food labeling. Here are a few of their contributions:

  • Donated a whopping $1.8 million to this year's Washington Yes on 522 campaign “The Washington Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act.”.

17 Nov 2013

Don't Let the FDA Destroy Organics: Act Today!

Don't let the FDA toss your local salad!  Act today.

Right now former Monsanto super lobbyist Michael Taylor is busy crafting new food safety rules at the FDA that could drive tens of thousands of America’s small, local and organic family farmers out of business. That’s right, Michael Taylor, the former Monsanto lawyer who crafted the FDA’s 1992 policy that won’t allow GMO labeling in the U.S., is back at the FDA, this time appointed by the Obama administration as the new food safety czar.

Now Taylor is responsible for writing new regulations that could kill the local food movement and drive thousands of America’s best family farmers out of business.

Small and midsize family farmers shouldn’t be forced out of business because factory farms and giant corporations have created greater risks in our food supply.


13 Nov 2013

Addiction Prison: Why Would a Health Nut Smoke Cigarettes!?

Why do people start smoking?

This month, I enter into a fatal battle with my worst enemy: nicotine addiction. I'll share my ups and downs, what I'm learning about myself and about addiction, my weaknesses and struggles, my strategies and triumphs.

If you are a smoker (or an addict of anything, really), and there is even a tiny shred of desire in you to fight off the little life-sucking gremlin we call "nicotine", humor me here and follow along with my posts this month. A little reading never hurt anyone :)

Or, maybe you're not a smoker, but, you have a loved one who smokes and it's a battle trying to help them quit. I hope that by reading my stories, you will form a deeper understanding of why they smoke in the first place, and gain some insight into the type of support and encouragement they need.

When I first had the idea to focus my energy (and blog posts) on becoming a non-smoker this month, I shared my thoughts with my 13 year old son, Tyler. His eyes became large, a smile peeked through, and he said, "Really!?" I responded, "Yes, really."


31 Oct 2013

The Curious Results of our Halloween Experiment: Candy or Toys?

Trick or treaters: do they prefer candy or toys?

In a previous post where I shared ideas for a GMO-free or Candy-Free Halloween, I mentioned that I'd be performing a little experiment on our Halloween trick-or-treaters. In a 2-sided serving tray, I divided well-known candies on one side, and party-favor toys in the other. We set the tray out on a table and gave all our visitors a choice:

Pick ONE... a candy or a toy.

We watched with wide, curious eyes as one side of the tray needed frequent replenishment throughout the night, and the other sat barely touched. On more than a few occasions, we looked at each other and said "Wow... really!?"

The fun of dressing up as a scary goul or a pretty princess, running around the neighborhood with friends, and collecting huge bags of free candy... This is a past time that so many of us look back at fondly.


30 Oct 2013

Juicing Recipe: Aloha! Homemade Tropical Fruit Juice Drink

Tropical juicing recipe with pineapple, mango, and papaya

While enjoying this delicious, sweet, tropical drink, you might feel like you're vacationing on a tropical island!


Makes approximately 1/2 gallon of fresh fruit juice, depending on the size of each fruit used.


27 Oct 2013

5 Steps to Removing GMOs and Toxic Pesticides From Your Food Supply

The best way to remove GMOs and Pesticides from your food, is to take action.

So, you've heard about all the weird, freaky stuff that corporations are putting in your food supply, all in the name of profit and/or while disregarding failed safety studies, and you're feeling disgusted and overwhelmed?

It's alright. Take a deep breath. Exhale. Now, each day, put one foot after the other and make one small change toward food freedom :)

Here are some of the steps I've taken, not all at once, but a little bit at a time...

STEP 1. Look at Your Every-Day Purchases As Investments

I buy organic whenever I can. It wasn't too long ago that I realized something very important:


24 Oct 2013

Why Boycott Coca-Cola Products?

Boycott CocaCola products for donating over 1 million dollars to fight against YOUR RIGHT to know what's in your food.

Coca-Cola illegally donated $1,047,332 (yes, over 1 million!) to fight against Initiative 522, which, if passed, would require the labeling of foods containing genetically modified "frankenfoods".

The Coca-Cola Company doesn't believe that YOU should have the right to know what's really in the foods and drinks you consume.

The Coca-Cola Company knows that consumers will put up a stink and stop purchasing their products if the REAL (GMO) ingredients are disclosed on the label. It would hurt their bottom line, and they don't care about your rights or health... they care about their profits.


24 Oct 2013

Why Boycott Nestle Products?

Boycott Nestle products for donating over 1 million dollars to fight against YOUR RIGHT to know what's in your food.

Nestle illegally donated $1,052,723 (yes, over 1 million!) to fight against Initiative 522, which, if passed, would require the labeling of foods containing genetically modified "frankenfoods".

Nestle doesn't believe that YOU should have the right to know what's really in the foods and drinks you consume.

Nestle knows that consumers will put up a stink and stop purchasing their products if the REAL (GMO) ingredients are disclosed on the label. It would hurt their bottom line, and they don't care about your rights or health... they care about their profits.


21 Oct 2013

What's in Shredded Cheese & Why You Might Want to Shred Your Own

Shred your own cheese, don't buy prepackaged shredded cheese!

About once a week, we have a mexican-style dinner night. We lay out all the taco-style fixings (meat and beans, seasonings and sauces, tomatos, black olives, lettuce, sour cream and cheese) and each family member prepares their own plate, to their liking. For months, we've prepared a mash-up for our 1-year old son, where we mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and help him scoop and eat it with a spoon... he gobbles it down with gusto.

One night just a few weeks ago, I noticed a new shredded cheese blend that my mom had set out among the other ingredients. Due to my own food allergies, I immediately flipped the bag over to glance at the list of ingredients. That's when the confusion set in...


17 Oct 2013

Ideas for a GMO-Free or Candy-Free Halloween

How to make Halloween fun for the kids without candy or GMOs!

Halloween is such a fun time for our little kids and we certainly don't want to deny them the fun of dressing up and running around with their friends trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. But, if we continue to participate in Halloween in the same way that we always have, we're promoting 3 major problems that plague America:

Obesity, Diabetes, and GMO's

The good news is that we don't have to deny our children this fun holiday, we can be creative and find alternative ways to support a healthier Halloween. Let's talk about some creative ideas that will help to eliminate GMO's and/or sweets from your Halloween, and I'll also share some ideas on what to do with that great big bag of candy your kid brought home.


14 Oct 2013

Our First Protest: March Against Monsanto in Rockford, IL

March Against Monsanto in Rockford, IL - October 2013

As I sat with my youngest son (14 months), scribbling playful, innocent lines in blue and green around the words "I AM NOT A SCIENCE EXPERIMENT", I glanced out the window shaking my head... "Rain rain, go away! We want to march against Monsanto today!"

The march was to begin in one hour. I looked down at the radar on my phone app, disappointed. Would we let this rain ruin the first march that we've ever decided to participate in?

Just then, my loving boyfriend/partner pulled me aside, squeezed me tight. "You should go... you wanted to do this... and... you won't melt", he said with a smile.

You see, the birth of my second son has renewed my desire to fight for the kind of world that I want my children to grow up in and for them to raise their children in. It is my two sweet, growing boys that attracted me to this October 12th event in Rockford, IL, to March Against Monsanto. Now, you might be wondering...

"What did Monsanto do that's so bad, anyway?"

Truthfully, in order to fully answer that question I'd have to write a book. A long book. I promise you will see more posts from me in the near future that dive into explaining some of the issues with Monsanto in more depth. For now, I'll give you a far-from-complete summary of what we are marching against on this occasion:


07 Oct 2013

I've Eaten Beaver Butt Juice, Have You? Castoreum Labeled as "Natural Flavors"

Castoreum, a.k.a. beaver butt juice, labelled as "natural flavors"

If you knew that you've eaten the crushed anal glands of beavers, would you cringe? Would you gag if you were handed a bowl of vanilla ice cream slathered in anal secretions?

Well, you might be eating Beaver Butt Au Jus, deceptively labeled as "natural flavor", and fed to you by the corporations that produce food product such as ice cream and gelatin.

Beaver Butt Au Jus


03 Oct 2013

Sick From Food!? Relieve Your Symptoms with an Elimination Diet!

How to use an elimination diet to determine food allergies

"You are what you eat."

How many times have you heard this? Do you believe it?

Do you feel tired or depressed? Maybe you've got arthritis or inflammation that tends to come and go, or, body acne that you've tried everything to cure? How about mood swings, or waking up in the morning feeling groggy, maybe with puffy eyes or swollen hands and feet? Itchy, dry skin or eczema? Stabbing gut pains or foul-smelling gas during or after meals?


30 Sep 2013

The Mysterious 15 Years of "What's Wrong with Me?"

Dietary allergies and how an Elimination Diet can help you decipher what's going on in your body

We are all aware of the obvious symptoms of digestive distress such as gut pain, gas, bloating, vomitting, constipation or diarhhea. But, how many of our other body systems are affected by food we eat?

All of them.

Mind and mood related symptoms such as depression, lethargy, and moodiness can be caused by the food we eat. Joint and muscle pain, numbness or tingling in your hands and feet, sleepless nights from pain, skin problems such as dryness, acne, or eczema. They are all affected by the types of food that your body digests and utilizes. How do I know this?

I lived these symptoms for 15 years, always wondering "What's Wrong with Me?"

Some of my symptoms started back in junior high, but, they became a big problem once I started high school. I'd wake up in the morning to get ready for school, my mom would leave for work while I'd sit down with a typical childhood breakfast (maybe a bowl of cereal, some granola bars, butter and syrup drowned waffles or pancakes). Within a half-hour of eating, I'd get extremely tired.